~Sat. happenings~

 Thank you Coc and Donovan for the cool letters. I
love you sososo much too. Stevie just woke up and is
eating her Smores cereal. We're going to make smores
today, but we say that everyday.
There's so much to do here and it seems like we're
running out of time. There's only like 10 more days
left until we hafta leave...bummer. I miss you guys
but this place feels so homey. They REALLY want us
to move here and there's a house for sale next door
(behind Ryans house).
Stevie has a message that she wants me to tell
C,D,Dad and Rocky... "shut your piehole -jeez".
How sweet is that? She's been such a Liger lately.
Papa says that today is the day that we're going
geo-caching. One thing that I thought would be cool
to leave behind is a little tealight candle. If you
think of anything else, let me know.
Perhaps that fricken chicken
talon would suffice.
Did I tell you guys that I put nail polish on it and
we got a movie of Stevie running to show Grammie?
It's sooo funny, she's so brave, now she keeps trying to
put horse parts on me. Like a gross piece of
calloused skin and hoof trimmings...eewww!!!

Thanks for writing me, I feel better now. Tell your
dad to go eat a decroted piece of crap- for not
sending any emails!!!



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